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For businesses looking to import from or export to various countries, we have prepared country specific guides for importers or exporters to specific countries.


Businesses looking to export to or import from Ukraine.

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Businesses looking to import from China.

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“Exporting to Indonesia, Importing from Brazil? No problem. We have you covered.”

We love UK businesses, and we recognise that if you trade internationally, you have a much higher chance of succeeding, can attract the best employees, and deliver excellent growth. At Trade Finance Global, our main aim is to accelerate business growth through encouraging international trade. Leave the complications and challenges to our network of expert funders, traders and specialist exporters.

We’ve put together a set of guides and primers for those looking to export to or import from countries and markets all over the world. Our advisors also have knowledge on specific markets, legislation and funders who can help your business grow and trade overseas.

I want to trade my goods or services abroad – help!”

Don’t panic, we have prepared a series of guides and information on the different types of finance your business may be able to access if you are looking to trade or do business abroad.

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