Structured Commodity Finance Conference 2019

London will play host to the Structured Commodity Finance Conference on the 30th April 2019, attracting high-level participants from the structured commodity space.

What is the Structured Commodity Finance Conference about?

Location: The Bloomsbury | London, United Kingdom | April 30th

The Structured Commodity Finance is one of the most comprehensive updates on the state of global structured commodity finance, connecting traders, corporates and financiers.

The SCF event will run from the 30th April 2018 in London.

Meet traders, producers and lenders at London’s biggest summit for structured commodity finance.

Themes Covered:

Commodity Market Trends & The Global Economy

Your Margins

Understand Industry Developments in SCF

What key geopolitical trends in 2019 will shape commodity finance?

With pricing information being more widely
accessible and compliance
costs rising, margins for traders and financiers are narrowing. Soon structured commodity finance may no longer be feasible.

Has commodity financing become more restrictive
or are we seeing more specialised structured and

Are supply chains relocating because of the US/China trade war?

Tech may well be
part of the problem,
but can it also be part
of the solution?

Are there new requirements faced by traders from clients and suppliers?

What are the big new markets to look out for?

How can traders support them instead of banks to secure transactions and ensure access to supply and distribution?

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What is structured commodity finance?

Structured Commodity Finance or SCF is a financing type used for hard and soft commodity finance, where most normal debt funding types won’t work. SCF looks at wider trading cycles, acknowledges the complexity of trading commodities on thin margins, and needs to take into account the volatile pricing changes of commodities. Commodity trade finance often concerns the short term financing needs between producers, processors, smelters or crushing facilities, other traders and end-users. Read our Structured Commodity Finance guide here.

Financing for commodities and crops is difficult. See our commodity finance guide here.

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