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Faster, easier cash flow solutions for your clients

More companies are turning to their accountants for guidance on how to access funding for their business.

We make it quick and easy for you to help your clients find suitable lenders to help them grow.

About Trade Finance Global

We are pioneers in business funding and trade finance, offering a range of truly flexible debt finance options to suit all types of SMEs. We operate a super-fast process – from application to funding. Trade Finance Global clients have a dedicated point of contact at every step of their lending journey.

Accountancy Training Hub

We’ve put together a training pack covering all elements of trade finance, so that you can make it easy to explain to your clients how they can access further funding. (It’s all free – our mission is to teach people about trade finance, which is why we’ve put this together!)

Accountancy Training Hub

TFG Accountancy Certification

We are always keen to recognise accountants for going through the process of learning the basics of trade, invoice and asset finance. Therefore, if you watch our videos and complete our quiz, we’ll recognise you as our partners and award you with the TFG Trade Finance Certificate and Logo.

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Who can we help?

  • Trade Finance – For a business buying from a supplier without flexible credit terms and selling on to a customer
  • Invoice Finance – For invoices raised by your customer, where there are payment gaps
  • Asset Finance – To purchase equipment or assets which will help a business operate
  • Currency Solutions – When trading cross-border and reducing currency exposure by hedging or options

Why work with us?

Trade Finance Global is changing the world of trade finance. Helping businesses access funding to grow is the bread and butter of what we do. We’re an enthusiastic group of people disrupting the world of trade finance.

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